Dedicated to Environment Protection and Focused on Quality Life

NT-Sunshine is a high technology firm with the business combining R&D, design, production, sale, trade and service. NT-Sunshine is committed to environment protection and health, focused on quality life. Being grateful to the society and undertaking social responsibilities as an environment protection enterprise, NT-Sunshine adheres to the development concept of being innovative, coordinated, green, environmentally friendly and share and leads environment protection development. 







Corporate Culture of 51Sunshine

Honesty is our first policy
With a heart grateful to the society, NT-Sunshine, being an environment protection firm, undertakes social responsibilities.
Quality Products
Sunshine is a high technology enterprise with integrated business combining R&D, design, production, sale, trade and service.
Global Sale
Sunshine provides world-wide clients with environment protection based customized solution on fast track.
Our Service
Sunshine serves clients, solving clients’ difficulty 24 hours a day.
Cultural Concept

Pursue Truth, Efficiency, Innovation and Progress Corporate culture core advances with the times.

Brand Concept

Happiness goes afar thanks to kindness To care the nature is to care our future Our future is founded on care to others What NT-Sunshine undertakes is right such happy cause.

Corporate Concept

orporate Motto: Responsibility, Practical Approach, Innovation Corporate Mission: Take care of the nature, create healthy life Development Goal: Becoming Industrial Model.

Corporate Slogan

Clear water, inclusive, like what is said Clean air, peaceful, like what is thought Green trees, upright when you behave


Logo design concept: three leaves with holding hand, highlighting “Sunshine” Logo base color: light green, symbolizing the nature and new life Logo meaning: Natural breeding, taking care of life. To preserve the nature is to extend life and our happiness. “NT-Sunshine” reflects our attitude to the nature.